Day 1: Ubud, Bali

Simply put, Ubud is a beautiful town. Full of culture and traditions, it is a place every traveler should visit at least once in their lifetime. On arrival to Denpasar, I was struck with how beautiful the airport was, cascading ferns flowed from the outside of the carpark and the architecture was stunning. After meeting our tour guide, Wayan, and our other three drivers, we set off to Nirvana, our home for the next six days. Through all the traffic and combustion, the drive was actually quite peaceful, and the hour’s drive didn’t seem to take long with all the different scenes our eyes could take in.

Window detail of the room

Nirvana is run by Nyoman, Rai and their horde of family and other helpers. It is a simple living place, but the people make it beautiful. Our first day was spent unpacking, admiring the wonderful architecture and then we met for a traditional Balinese dinner of Nasi Campur. You can find out more about Nirvana on their website http://www.nirvanaku.comIMG_0576

The fountain that created our relaxing background noise


The magnificent entrance to our room.

Day one and I was already feeling the pressure of the project, and I confided to Lisa my stress of not having a concept in time to take my images. The first thing I was struck by was the amount of dogs that roamed the street. Some looked like people’s pets, but others were clearly street dogs. Having a 16-year old dog back at home, it was heartbreaking to see such loving and loyal creatures so skinny, rejected and malnourished. I had the idea of photographing them in a traditional portrait style, but already had problems with it. First, I didn’t have the equipment, a long lens would be needed to get the right photograph, and none of my fellow photographers had brought one. My second problem was the concept, was it strong enough, and could it capture the attention of the audience?


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