Day 3: Ubud, Bali

This morning, Lisa and I were up at 6.15am to take a stroll down to the local markets. I took my film camera to snap the hustle and bustle of the fresh food and the locals. Afterwards, we headed back to Nirvana for the Kebaya workshop. We learnt about the tradition kebaya, how to dress in it and what it symbolises. It entails the shirt, or kebaya, a sarong and is completed with the selendang (scarf), which is used to tie around the kebaya and is made to control your emotions. Any colours can be worn, but it is more traditional to wear white and yellow to larger ceremonies. White is the symbol of clean (pure) and darker colours are worn to funerals.

It was such a wonderful experience to learn more about their culture, and I’m sure everyone enjoyed trying them on and learning how to tie them together. After the workshop we headed off shopping to find a kebaya for the people who didn’t get one back at Nirvana.

film 4 film 5

film 6 film 7

film 8 film 9

film 20 film 22

film 23 film 21

film 25 film 24


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