Day 5: Bali, Ubud

This morning we left at 6am for the long drive to the water temple. I’m skeptical on religion and wasn’t sure if I should even be participating, but decided to as I knew it would have been a beautiful thing to experience something so completely different to our own culture. There was something calming and peaceful about the waters gushing over. They were to cleanse us, and throughout each fountain I found myself drifting away from the stress of coming up with an idea for my assignment, and instead I just listened to the water pushing past. The last fountain we were to visit was supposed to heal us from bad dreams or feelings and I probably ended up staying at that one the longest. Afterwards, we changed and knelt for the prayers where we were given water to drink, but weren’t supposed to (oops, I didn’t found that out until AFTER I had drank it) and I placed my offerings onto the alter. I didn’t take any photographs, but I won’t ever forget watching the sun rise come up through the night’s smoke and feeling at peace with myself for that moment.

After morning tea that Wayan and his wife made for us, we left the water temple in our kebayas for Pura Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring, an ancient temple. The size of the shrines were so enormous, it left me wondering how long it took to carve and how many people. Strolling around through different pockets, and posing in front of the shrines, I was not looking forward to the massive climb that was waiting for us. You think considering the Balinese people are so small they’d have close together steps, but no! The distance between each step was almost the height of my leg, but when we made it make up to the top it was nice to sit down and enjoy the view.

Once we recovered that afternoon, we left for dinner and a spectacular performance. It blew me away! I’m incredibly lucky to have had the chance to experience such an amazing culture with such beautiful, wonderful people. However, that night it ended with me having an asthma attack in the back of the car and a restless, feverish sleep. IMG_0646









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