Day 6-8: Bali, Ubud and arrival at Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Today was spent all day in bed. There’s not much to say except for how sad and disappointed I was not to be able to go on the hike of the rice paddies… the one thing I wanted to see in Ubud! That night Cassandra took me to the doctors, which was apparently an hour’s drive away, but I was so out of it it felt like minutes, then I basically slept until I needed to wake up the next day to leave. Day 7 we said goodbye to our wonderful hosts at Nirvana, and hugged our drivers, then we took off for a short flight to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Still with my virus, I collapsed on my bed while everyone else went out to Art Jog. Day 8 I was still pretty ill and had an awful cough that I’m sure drove everyone insane, but I finally went out with the group to do some shopping in the afternoon. There’s not much to say on these few days, I honestly slept most of the time, and the time I was awake I was coughing and sweating out the virus. And, in fact, those whole three days I only snapped two photographs.

Greenhost Hotel – a beautiful place to be sick
But never too sick to take a selfie

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