Day 9: Jogja, Indonesia

I was excited for today! We were meeting some amazing artists who had been through struggles to get where they are, and I was excited to meet and question each one. The first artist we met was I Nyoman Masriadi, and the gallery he sponsors for emerging artists under 30. He created the wonderful space so other artists would not have to experience the pressure he felt while working under galleries and their owners, and to lend his name to emerging artists so collectors and others are able to come and view the new art. Some of the information about the gallery we discovered was that it was set up by him, where the space is free and everything is provided by the foundation. Any media can be submitted and 100% of the sales go to the artist, nothing to the gallery. While Masriadi does not have any long term plans, he is looking for other sponsors and plans to hold four exhibitions over the next year. One of the exhibitions, for example, he plans to have a children’s drawing competition where the best will be exhibited in August. He also has plans to hold exhibitions during Art Jog and other art festivals as that is the best time for collectors to be out. When asking for advise from the students, he told us to be ourselves in our art and to believe in what we were doing. It was wonderful to meet an artist who actually CARES about young, emerging artists and it had me wishing there were people like that back in Brisbane.

Afterwards, a few of us went back to the hotel as we weren’t feeling too well. Lisa and I discussed our ideas on the assignment, and my one about taking photographs of tourists didn’t seem like it was going to fit with what was in Jogja. The more I went out walking around our hotel area, the more I started to see how different the people and the culture was compared to Bali. For one thing, there were no stray dogs, and plenty of stray cats, and it made be sick to think the only reason that was was because there were people who captured, killed and sold the dogs as meat. It was also very different experiencing a new religion, where we had to really think about what to wear and how to cover up. I expressed the notion of trying to take photographs that reflected how I was experiencing the two different cultures, but I was stuck on how to do it.


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