Day 10: Jogja, Indonesia

Today was a big day! We left for Borobudur at 8am, and arrived where it was overcast, hot and sticky. We spent a couple of hours walking around and going up to the temple. It’s such a surreal experience standing on something so old and so full of history, and listening to the stories our guide provided us about the carvings was fascinating. After some lunch and cooling down, we left for OHD Museum where we were to meet with Dr. Oie, but this never eventuated and instead we looked around the contemporary museum on our own. It was great to see some contemporary art pieces, as well as photography (yay!) and performance art videos that included a man being sliced and stitched back up. Performance art is something I’ve tried to dabble in a few times, I graffitied my own artwork back in first year and did a speech, as well as went around New York dressed as a ridiculous tourist, but I’ve never completely recorded myself doing a piece of art and watching the pieces at OHD made me contemplate why I haven’t done it yet.















We then left for Sangkring Art Place, which featured both contemporary and traditional pieces, as well as holding the exhibition for the installation of Luggas Syllabus’s piece, The Prophets. I was not sure what to make of the artwork, while the message about not following others as it will lead to nowhere rang true, I also do believe there were connotations of anti-Christian in there. While I’m not religious at all, I also do not have respect for those who dismiss other people’s beliefs, whether they are religious or not. What rights does a person have to say something is true or untrue, and while I think he did a good job in making people think, I felt uncomfortable in the space and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to leave it. I left annoyed and a little deflated, and discussed the night with Lisa before heading off to bed.




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