Day 13: Jogja, Indonesia

During the morning we had some free time that Lisa and I used up well. We relaxed downstairs and started talking abut the difficulties we were facing with our assignment. Lisa seemed to have a good grasp on what her work was going to be about, but I still wasn’t settled on my idea. I went through what I had come up with so far, I liked looking at the run-down spaces that we had seen beside the galleries In Bali, but I had’t come across anything that would reflect that same sort of idea in Jogja. Tourism was also still on my mind, and how as tourists we treat the places we go to as if they’re on show for us, and how we feel the need to take photographs in front of such ancient monuments as if to prove that we were there. But I had done something like that in New York, and I felt that the images I had taken were not strong enough to be placed onto a gallery wall. I still wanted to show my style in those images, and I was getting too caught up on documenting my days for this visual diary, rather than seeing the world through my eyes, I was looking through it as a tourist.

What I struggled with the most was the different cultures of Bali and Indonesia. I watched how other girls treated those less fortunate (woman who tried to sell things to us while we were having dinner) and my own personal troubles with watching what I was wearing and always being worried about showing too much skin. As tourists, we get to experience a life so completely different to our own, but yet we get to go back to what we’re used to, whereas the people that stay there, that is their life and that’s what they know! With this thought in mind, I decided to do work on culture displacement, and how we try to find the familiar in something that is so different to what we know. I told Lisa I wanted to use her hair for a photograph and ideas started rolling on who I would ask to model for me.

That afternoon we visited Prambanan Temple and were seated to a beautiful dinner and performance afterwards.















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