Day 21: Singapore

Free day! Today Lisa and I walked around the area, we did a bit of shopping and location scouting again for our assignments. We later met up with a group and went down to the Gardens by the Bay. This place was amazing, beautiful and something totally out of this world. With the help of one of the girls, I shot another picture for my assignment in the gardens and it was great having everyone around seeing how I worked. It was nice to have a day out with everyone without the pressure of time, and just being able to hang out and not worrying about what gallery we’re going to or whatever else. We had dinner at Chinatown and did a bit of looking around. I came up with another idea for a photoshoot there and asked Anna to help me out the next day with it. I found Singapore has been the hardest place so far, to find locations to shoot in as there isn’t any areas that are historically or culturally significant. I’m also disappointed in myself for not having the idea in Bali as there were many wonderful places I could have photographed for my assignment, but there wasn’t much I could do about it and I needed to focus on what I could do in Singapore.

IMG_0301 IMG_0279

IMG_0303 IMG_0320

IMG_0326  IMG_0314

IMG_0331  IMG_0334


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