Day 24: Singapore

Our last day. I think exhaustion had set in and everyone was ready to go home. It was such a wonderful experience, a once in a lifetime trip I will never forget. Lisa and I finished it off with some last-minute gift shopping and then pretty much just relaxed for the rest of the day. This trip was certainly eye-opening and, for me, the most important part of it was seeing how people lived. Although it was an art trip, experiencing and being a part of a different culture, and respecting those beliefs and traditions, was what the most significant aspect of the trip was to me.

I’m not sure how I feel about my assignment and the images I’ve taken. All up I have seven and hope to take one more by the time I reach home, and while I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the pictures, I’m my biggest critic so I won’t know how they are until I talk to one of the lecturers about them. I’m happy with the concept on culture displacement, I just hope it comes across in my photographs.

film 17

film 18

film 19

film 26


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